In the fall of 2008, while living in my hometown of Tacoma, WA I (Shane) had a profound dream… In this dream I was in a large field which was situated in an urban setting. In front of me were many kids and I was teaching them how to play baseball. One feature of this dream was strikingly memorable as the kids were of all different skin complexions and features… I knew immediately that I was not in a typical baseball culture (i.e. U.S.A or Latin America). As the vision continue to unfold I heard a voice in my head say “bring baseball to Basan, B-A-S-A-N”… As soon as these words ended, so did the vision. After this I couldn’t feel anything but a profound sense that there was something to it but it did not make sense at the time ( I had even googled “BASAN” but nothing of substance came of the search. Now, fast forward 10 years… My family had just moved to Berlin, Germany. After 10 years of pastoral work we move overseas which the sole intent of being of service to the refugee crisis in Europe. One day as I was walking around Berlin’s iconic Tempelhof airport park I was immediately taken back to the vision I had 10 year prior… Here is stood in the SAME EXACT FIELD as I saw in the dream. I pulled out my phone and googled Basan… This time something dramatic appeared on my screen… A name directory search and the name Basan means “one who uproots fully”. WOW! There in that moment the mystery was unlocked! I was to bring baseball to Basan or “the one who uproots fully” aka refugees. So one thing led to the next, we started 28  Baseball and through a series of strategic partnerships we built an indoor training facility inside Tempelhof airport. One really cool surprise of this whole thing is that my history as a baseball player, coach, and trainer unlocked an entire unexpected demographic of impact in the way of European teenagers.